Svend-Erik Engh Presentation

Fluid Storyguiding My name is Svend-Erik Engh and I have been coaching storytellers, teachers, business leaders, journalists and others using stories as a communication tool since 1994. I use a method best described as Fluid Storyguiding. Let me listen to your idea, your seedling of a story or a fully composed tale which you mayContinue reading “Svend-Erik Engh Presentation”

In Danish – Artikel i Kommunikationen fra 2013

Artikel i Brug storytelling som kommunikationsredskab i organisationen En god historie kan få folk til at lytte og skabe identitet og fællesskabsfølelse. Derfor er storytelling i organisationer er et effektivt kommunikationsredskab, som skaber kortere vej fra ord til handling. 07.02.13 – af Stine Bjerre Herdel Når man hører begrebet ”storytelling”, tænker man ofte påContinue reading “In Danish – Artikel i Kommunikationen fra 2013”

Tell a Story – Interact

Interaction I started teaching storytelling in 1994 at Borups Folk High School (højskole!) in Copenhagen. We offered our students different subjects in slots that the students chose in the beginning of their stay on the school. One slot contained of two lessons once a week for four months. I offered Storytelling as one of theseContinue reading “Tell a Story – Interact”